We’re Back!

Well, it has been a bit of a break…! But, now we’re back! As you might have read elsewhere, we have released Phase 8 by now… and soon to publish 8.1. And that will be the end of P8.

Work now is shifting to Phase 9. What is P9 then, you may ask? Well, P9 will seek to incorporate key code from the 4.12 environment into our our 4.09 structure. Yes, that will be difficult– it does not only just sound it! But, our tests have shown that this is possible; now we just have to make it work.

On other fronts, Kjetil has opened a FaceBook page and is entertaining questions there. Please join him if you also have an FB account. And you can find our dev’s VPB Il2 Mod page here.

Right, more updates to follow. Welcome back. VPB is working hard as always!

— VPB_x4btr