Proper Yak-1s– At LONG Last….

Thanks to Kjetil for spotting this release! At last, someone has finally modified the Yak-1 fuselage into the correct form so that we can introduce the vast majority of Yak-1 fighters into IL2. For 10 years we have been stuck with the bloated, over-weight early version of the Yak-1, which was both uncommon and unsatisfactory. Now, finally, we can add the rest.

Allow me to introduce four new Yak-1s, all available in Phase 7:

The Massoviy
A ‘mature’ production Yak-1 with reduced take-off weight and better aerodynamic properties. You’ll find this model to be faster (~15-25 km/h) and climb better than the early version.

The PF
This is the massoviy airframe now mounting the much more powerful M-105PF engine of 1260 hp. The supercharger gearing has been lowered (2nd stage at around 2000 m) for maximum performance at lower altitudes, as was the usual environment for VVS combats. The Yak-1 ‘PF’ is vastly better in the climb and turn than the earlier models, as you will see.

The Oblegchenniy
Oblegchenniy means ‘lightened’, and indeed that is exactly what this model is all about. Without losing any structural strength whatever, this model is some 300 kg lighter than the PF, with a corresponding improvement in all flight parameters. Below 5000 m the Obl can fly rings around any Luftwaffe fighter, and fears nothing in the vertical plane, as well.

The Okhotniki
About 120 of these ‘special request’ Yak-1s were built at the behest of several regiments whose specific job it was to counter Luftwaffe fighters. These units were called okhotniki (‘hunters’) regiments, and they specialised in fighter-vs-fighter combats (not escort, as was the usual VVS job) to counter formations of elite Luftwaffe fighters (e.g. JG 2, JG 51, JG 52, etc) which roamed the front. The Yak-1 okhotniki is an Obl model with the all-metal fin and stabilisers of the Yak-7. This gives the performance of an Obl married to the fine controls of the Yak-7. They were absolutely devastating, as you will see.


At last, we will all see see what a proper Yak-1 can do, and why they were so feared by– and successful against– their enemies.

— VPB_x4btr