Phase 7– Update

Greetings All. My intension was to complete a little Phase 7 re-cap, and to list the new features as tested and installed so far… But, my word!

What started out as an Ordnance (bomb/torpedo) mod has turned into a searching re-invention of VPB IL2! The number of new aircraft, features, 3D models, cockpits, and on and on has reached staggering proportions. I had not really anticipated this, to be honest. But, the more I test this version, the more it becomes crystal clear that this is a major release; quite a lot better in every respect to everything we have had hitherto.

I will attempt to summarise the new features in Phase 7. However, please forgive me if I forget something, which (with the numbers of changes going) is quite likely. If you see something missing here, please add it to the article. Be that as it may, here we go:

New Aircraft (all flyable)
A-20 B/C VVS modification (MV-1 turret)
A-20G VVS modification (external weapon racks)
DB-3 M-87
Il-2 NS-37
Pe-2 FT with field mod defensive armament
Yak-1 Massoviy
Yak-1 PF
Yak-1 Oblegchenniy
Yak-1 Okhotniki

Fiat Br.20M


Bf 109E-4/Trop
Bf 109F-2/Trop
Bf 109F-4/Trop
Bf 109G-2/Trop
Do 217M-1
He 111H-20
Ju 52 bomber (SCW)

Me 410 Bomber Destroyer


Beaufort Mk I (early)
Beaufort Mk I Srs2
Beaufort Mk VI (RAAF)
Typhoon Mk Ib (teardrop canopy)
Wellington Mk III

New 3D Models for Existing Types
Hs 129
He 219
Fiat G.50
Ju 88C-6

The stupid PBN has been transformed into a proper PBY Catalina!

New Cocpkits for Existing Types
Hs 129
He 219
Me 210
Me 410
Fw 190 (all)
B-17 (all)
DB-3 / Il-4 (all)

Madrid – SCW
-updates and improments to many existing maps
-changes to all gun classes for anti-Oleg aiming problem
-removal of M-Geschuss ammo load-out as standard, re-applied in load-outs where historically authentic
-correction to M-Geschuss ammo trajectory, muzzle velocity, and other parameters
-all new torpedoes of our own design with improved launch parameters
-many new bombs (e.g. 4000 lbs ‘Cookie’, Tallboy, Fritz-X, SD-2, and so on)

Additionally, every class file has been reviewed with respect to weapon load-out, ammunition, and other features. Improved bomb salvoes introduced where practicable.

Lastly, special mention to Kjetil and Oky for sorting out this VPB SFX mod, which I think we all agree is superb. This is a great addition to our VPB sim.

*Whew*…  now, I have missed anything?…

— VPB_x4btr