Phase 7 is Gold


Today¬† I have posted the P7.0 gold DVD to Oky, so let’s hope it arrives early this week!¬† I am sure that he will get the 7zip file on his FTP as soon at it arives. I have used 7z format (not zip) this time as it saves space, and was faster to compile. I am sure most (or all) of you have the 7Zip programme, but if not please do obtain that a.s.a.p.

In addition to the ‘bonus’ inclusion of the Whirlwind Mk I, there are improvements to the Caucusus and Smol’ensk maps. Please have a look at those when you’ve got it installed. I hope that all errors reported during our extended testing of the beta will be resolved in 7.0. As usual, there were a few– and be aware that some missions will be affected by the changed class files. KEDSS was included as an R.C. #2. Lastly, I added some new menu music as a bonus.

Remember that you MUST DELETE your existing P7beta MODS folder, totally. Then– and only then– unzip the new folder. The Samples and VPB folders may be extracted by replacing the existing.

So, what is next? P 7.1 is in development. This version will introduce new countries to the game, and replace the existing units and regiments with more suitable / historically authentic ones. I am working on my very long project of Damage Model “calibration”, and if this makes any useful progress it might be included as a beta release in 7.1.

There will new aircraft in P7.1. At the time of writing, these look to be:
He 111 H-20 w/ air-launch V-1
OS2U Kingfisher
Caproni Ca.310, 311
H6K4 ‘Mavis’
Seafire XV, XVII, 45, 47

…And more. Stay tuned…

— VPB_x4btr