Phase 7.1 is Released

Hi All,

P 7.1 is done and released. We will start trying to distribute it at once. However, while that is under way, let me discuss briefly some ‘extras’ which were included, and why so….

As mentioned, Phase 8 is going to concentrate on game mechanics and AI. But, some of the critical components of these modifications are so complex so as to require extended testing. Therefore, I have packed a few techno-testers into P7.1! These are all concept verification mods, and they may apply only in some cases and not others. These should not be seen as pre-empting P8, just alpha testing for that release.

Amongst the most important of these features are: AI with new behaviour based upon entirely new routines and criteria of our creation; new engine and motor class mods; new armour rules, penetration, and ammo mods to defeat Olegist imbecility; re-scaling objects to a master, sim-wide scale.

On the last point– scale– I have included most of the major objects due for P8. It was simply too tempting to include them now, because the existing scale problem is an absolute farce. Have a look and compare 7.1 to any other IL2 version– your jaw will drop!

Any road, I hope we all get 7.1 up and running soon. Enjoy!

— VPB_x4btr