More Adventures in Olegland…

By now we all know what a mess that oaf has created. But– more than this– his legacy has inspired others to equal buffoonery… Team Daedalus’ work demonstrates no better research nor comprehension of period aviation history than 1C’s, and indeed many of the add-on mods and “super-packs” around the ‘net are just as inept, or worse !

WHAT a state off affairs…

The latest Oleg pro-Blue-uber-cheating has been found, this time with regards to the BF 109. However could the armament in this thing be so effective in the game, we wonder? It is similar to (but less powerful than) the Yak-3, for example, but by far more destructive… Ah, well… now I’ll tell why this is so: every Bf 109 in the game fires this bloody Minengeschoss ammunition in every MG151 cannon (but naturally with the normal round’s trajectory, of course), that’s why! The 109’s real armament too anaemic? No problem for 1C– just cheat. Job done, Blue fantasy-whiners are sorted…

In these various mod add-ons we see a lot of what I call “adolescent fan-worship”, as opposed to sickening and deliberate fraud (for profit, even worse). I am sure we all know this kind of behaviour: aeroplane X is my personal favourite, so everything about it must be uber fantastic; it is, after all, obviously the best machine on earth. Fan worship gone techie, if you will.

Take the example of the Ki-45. Lovely 3D model, lots of toil and effort there. Great job. But, the labour of love was accompanied by this kind of teen-aged idolising. For example, the mod team created their own Ho-203 gun. This is a 37 mm weapon of very low velocity and r.o.f., quite similar in design and configuration to the German Mk-108. Oh, but not in the Ki-45 mod… Their Ho-203 fires at three times the actual muzzle velocity, and with a flat trajectory for 3000 meters (3 km)! The round, moreover, is 50% more powerful than the NS-45’s!

Virtually every time we see a new mod, the subject aircraft has uber properties like this. It’s silly more than disgusting, however; to my eyes at least. What winds me up are the deliberate falsifications by Oleg (et al), and indeed after specifically denying these very activities in public. That is why I (or, “we”– just ask Enge!) get so angry about it.

Some more gems:

– The mod (as supplied) P-61 was equipped with 500 rds of cannon ammo… per gun
– The mod (as supplied) Ju 188A carried up to 11000 kg of bombs
– The mod (as supplied) Bf 110G-4 had 500 rds of ammo for the S-M guns (each), and carried up to 2000 kg of bombs
– The mod (as supplied) B-24D carried up to 10000 kg of bombs

…and so on. If you want a real laugh, try the mod supplied FMs some time. You couldn’t make it up….

Anyway, that is why we never use any 3rd party mods. Ever. We must implement all aircraft ourselves using the resources (3d models, etc) from the mod packs. That is the reason why, as well, sometimes we struggle with them. Oh well, it is necessary, alas.

— VPB_x4btr

  1. And the story continues, this time including pay per uberplane:

    My observation might be a bit premature, but: “We just want to create something that works”, “We have limited time” etc. all sounds like dedication to me.


  2. Good points, Oky. I commend them on their intentions, but I am afraid they will also have to succumb to commercial realities and make the blue-sides planes ├╝ber to attract that kind of clientele!