Mission Skin Downloads

Hello Everyone,

We are trying to assemble a mechanism for everyone to easily access and download skins which mission builders have developed for some of their Coop missions. These skins will be required because the mission parameters are out of synch with KEDSS, or becuase there is some other historical necessity for them.

Mission Specific Skins (MSS) — for the moment– can be physically housed on my web host until the space / storage issue with Enge’s host is resolved. I have loaded a simple HTML on my site in the required folder which gives easy access to these files. The unpublished URL for this folder is:  www.redbanner.co.uk/il2_skins/mss.html


— VPB_x4btr

  1. Great Erik !! Let’s talk about upgrading the site storage, it won’t cost that much.


  2. Working on a skin/mission upload system as we speak!