Final add-on to Phase 7 today (?)

Erik (and I?) worked a little today to get a forgotten and neglected Fw 190 variant into the next update, the Fw 190A-8/R-2, also known as the “Sturmjäger”.

This is a Fw 190A-8 with an additional 191,6 kg of armour, concentrated around the cockpit and canopy and the outer wing guns. The armament is also changed and consists of 2 x 20 mm MG 151 in the wingroots and 2 x 30 mm MK 108 with 55 RPG in the mid-wing position. The Mg 131s are deleted.

This variant is thus better against defensive fire from bombers (but not rear attacks from fighters!) and well equipped to bring down heavy bombers. The downside is that it is extremely heavy, almost 5 tonnes fully loaded, fully armoured and with a 300 litre drop tank. It is therefore not a fighter and should not be used as such, so no sharp turns or you will stall!

Here´s some interesting information about the armour protection of this and the more standard Fw 190A-8 and where the armour was placed:



And here a drawing of the extra cockpit/canopy armoor and a photo showing its placement. We will not have the canopy armour (except the “Windshcutz” ) in the game version, but this was often removed in the field anyways. Also note that there is no new 3D-model involved, the side armour panels will be simulated on new skins!

Fw190A8R2_cockpit_armor Sturmjager_cockpit_armor

— VPB_Kjetilman