Some Henschel Hs 129 skins for the new 3D version – needed for missions

Here are some new skins for the Hs 129 that are compatible with the new and wonderful 3D model for this perculiar plane. Please download them and place in the appropriate folder, they will be useful for some fortcoming coop missions. They are not mine, but can be used even so!


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Personal B-24D skins for the Ploesti mission

Here is a small collection of B-24D skins for use in our Ploesti mission.

Just put them in the B-24D skin folder (you may have to make one) and the other player’s skins should appear as soon as the mission starts. There is also a special “Lead Ship” scheme here which should ONLY be used if someone takes the first aircraft in the plane list (violators will be moderately punished!).

There are skins here for all of us, except Erik, which I just assume will make his own!

The skins contain plenty of nose art (naked ladies, mostly) but look otherwise quite similar. Hope they are of use.


Squadron painter

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Some Coop skins for Oky

Some personal skins I made for oky.

Let me know if you others (Enge & Pet) want me to make some for you! State your

  • preferred number, if any
  • aircraft types (the most used ones are important, like the P-39, p-38, La-5s, B25s, etc.)
  • special markings (victory markings, nose art, award badges for VVS aircraft, tail markings, etc.), if any

I’ll do my best to accomodate your wishes.


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VPB Nostalgia – Old A-20G skins slightly updated!

Some A-20 skins I made for the G-versions (although they should fit the A-20C/Boston III reasonably well) back in the good old VP1 days. I still occationally fly with mine! Hackl’s and MarcusaQs’ skin can be used by Petronio and Oky if they so desire, just rename them appropriately.

It would be great to see the White-tailed A-20s in formation again!

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Bloch MB 152 in Greek colours (semi-historical)

Greece recevied a few MB 152s before the German invasion, but they were not much used, probably because they only had 9! Here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

Though the Greek government had ordered 25 MB.151s, actually only nine of these were exported to Greece. They flew with the 24th Moira Dioxis (Fighter Squadron) of the Hellenic Royal Air Force in Elefsina against the Italians and Germans, scoring several air-to-air victories until 19 April 1941, when the last MB.151 was shot down.

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Yak-1 as Ik-3

A skin for the Yak-1 (with razorback) to make it look like the Yugoslavian Ik-3. Not made by me!

VPB_Kjetilman ‐

Kjetils personal Yak-1 skin

One of my personal Yak-1 skins. Feel free to use it when I am not!!

VPB_Kjetilman ‐

German Yak-1b – as used by the Luftwaffe!

The German Luftwaffe reportedly used a few Yak-1bs against their former owners on the Kuban front in 1943. According to photos and eyewitness accounts they were repainted in Luftwaffe colours but using the VVS camouflage scheme. The skin has been made using this information, although it is not 100 % verified.

VPB_Kjetilman ‐

HE-111 wsp

VP1 times.

VPB_Oky ‐

Historical Do 335 skin for the V-9

One of the more well-known, prototypesof the fantastic Do 335, the V-9,W.Nr. 230009, coded “CP+UI”. Prototype for the A-0 version so use on that type.

VPB_Kjetilman ‐

Do 335 natural metal skin

VPB_Kjetilman ‐

Israeli S-199

IAF S-199 required for coops

VPB_x4btr ‐

IL2 Sharky

My fav old il2 skin.
I’ts the one that’s also used in one of the site’s header images.

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