Search and Replace tool

A small utility that replaces strings in files based upon a 2 column csv file.

The first column in the csv file contains the strings to be replaced, the second column contains the replacement strings.

The main purpose of this tool is to easily upgrade mission files from previous installments of the VPB IL2 mod. It can however be used on any type of files besides mission files.

A CSV file to upgrade Phase 6.4 airplane classnames in mission files to Phase 7 is included.

– Select a directory containing the files to be searched.
– Select a CSV file.
– Enter a file extension to be searched.
– Click Search and Replace.

This tool is in beta; Backup your files before use.



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Modified il2fb.exe files for memory allocation and 6DOF

These files modify the il2fb.exe to set the memory allocation limit to 512, 768, 1024 or 2048MB.
And optionally add support for 6DOF and enable memory allocation above 4GB for 64bits operating systems.

To install: unpack and run modsetup.exe
Or refer to the included readme.txt to install manually.

You may have to recreate the shortcut to your game unless your shortcut is of the unpublished kind.

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Track without ir & 6DOF

This program allows for tracking without ir, only needs a webcam:

The 6DOF mod allows 6 Degrees Of Freedom when using TrackIR or Facetracking on phase 6.
You’ll have to patch the il2fb.exe, using ‘IL2_6DOF_Patcher_v1.exe’ which is in the ’6DOF_Tracker_2_0_sHr’ folder. Or use an already modified il2fb.exe.

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VPB FX mod test

A compilation of effect mods mostly based on this mod:,35360.0.html

It is recommended to set Effects=0  in the conf.ini when using this mod.

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