A-20 mods – for Erik

As promised Erik.

VPB_Kjetilman ‐

Forgotten Countries Mod

For Erik.

VPB_Kjetilman ‐

New Lancaster

So pretty.., ow so pretty.. ♫






Original mod thread:,35288.0.html

VPB_Oky ‐

B24 pit

Hang back and enjoy the luxurious seats!

(this one works btw.)




Original mod thread:,2544.0.html

VPB_Oky ‐

High resolution 24bit textures

Nicer skins!

Install: Unpack and run ‘HiRes_txtrs_conf.exe’ to enable/disable.


Original mod thread:,33239.0.html

VPB_Oky ‐