Coop Screenshots # 2 – Kjetil & Oky’s long journey across Central Europe

The other day VPB_Oky and VPB_Kjetilman tested one of the latter’s new mission on the Westfront 40 map. The mission was a low-level raid agaisns an industrial site in Antwerp and you had to dodge a lot of anti-aircraft fire, barrage balloons and enemky fighters. Somehow we both managed to do just that and bomb our targets without suffering extensive damage and soon we found ourselves in formation heading home to good old England. For some as yet unknown reason we ended up flying all the way to Manston airbase where we landed safelty and taxied up to a dispersal area!

I took a few screenshots of the mission starting just after the bomb drop and the time tags of the screenshots indicate that we spent some 45 minutes in the air on the return leg! Add some 5 minutes before that from the mission’s start point¬† and I estimate the mission lasted some 50 minutes! That must be a VPB record, right?! The first screenshot was made at 01:24:19 and the last one at 02:09:47.

On the map we flew from Antwerp to Manston, which is quite a long journey. Good thing we didn’t have serious engine problems, although Oky had a slightly malfunctioning no. 4 engine and my no. 3 engine had a few problems too!

Below are screenshots of this long and interesting journey, during which we got to know each other even better!




Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_2 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_3 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_4  Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_6 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_7 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_8 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_9Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_5 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_10 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_11 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_12 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_13 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_14 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_15 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_16 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_17 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_18 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_19 Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_21Oky_Kjetil_long_Lancaster_mission_22


— VPB_Kjetilman

  1. Fantastic! Love it… Just pure flight, something to relish.

    Really glad that you two enjoyed yourselves.


  2. This was a great mission, good thing we had tea onboard