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8.1 Is Released

Phase 8 reaches the end of development with the release of 8.1 .


It is true that most efforts have already been shifted to Phase 9. However, some test code was written to enable map directed default skin choices, and for stability and utility test purposes this has been placed into 8.1, along with the Short Sunderland [yes, yes… I know we said no more a/c in P8, but oh well…].


A fair number of irritating bugs have been solved, additionally. Therefore, please all update when you can. P81 is ready to go….

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We’re Back!

Well, it has been a bit of a break…! But, now we’re back! As you might have read elsewhere, we have released Phase 8 by now… and soon to publish 8.1. And that will be the end of P8.

Work now is shifting to Phase 9. What is P9 then, you may ask? Well, P9 will seek to incorporate key code from the 4.12 environment into our our 4.09 structure. Yes, that will be difficult– it does not only just sound it! But, our tests have shown that this is possible; now we just have to make it work.

On other fronts, Kjetil has opened a FaceBook page and is entertaining questions there. Please join him if you also have an FB account. And you can find our dev’s VPB Il2 Mod page here.

Right, more updates to follow. Welcome back. VPB is working hard as always!

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Nice stuff from

Some more goodness in their developer diary

Edit 3-5-2014:
Also this:

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Phase 7.1 is Released

Hi All,

P 7.1 is done and released. We will start trying to distribute it at once. However, while that is under way, let me discuss briefly some ‘extras’ which were included, and why so….

As mentioned, Phase 8 is going to concentrate on game mechanics and AI. But, some of the critical components of these modifications are so complex so as to require extended testing. Therefore, I have packed a few techno-testers into P7.1! These are all concept verification mods, and they may apply only in some cases and not others. These should not be seen as pre-empting P8, just alpha testing for that release.

Amongst the most important of these features are: AI with new behaviour based upon entirely new routines and criteria of our creation; new engine and motor class mods; new armour rules, penetration, and ammo mods to defeat Olegist imbecility; re-scaling objects to a master, sim-wide scale.

On the last point– scale– I have included most of the major objects due for P8. It was simply too tempting to include them now, because the existing scale problem is an absolute farce. Have a look and compare 7.1 to any other IL2 version– your jaw will drop!

Any road, I hope we all get 7.1 up and running soon. Enjoy!

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Phase 7.1 Soon… and Then??..

Hello Chaps,

Well, P7.1 is nearing completion. Thanks to Kjetil, especially, for testing help. The new additions in this version are:

Caproni Ca 309 & 310, He 177A-5, Kingfisher, Seafires 15, 17 & 47, A-26B & -K, Yak-11, Ju 87A and the Helldiver. A few other intended aircraft could not be incoporated for technical reasons. Also, we have got a huge package of 60+ new ships, including new carriers, cargo and tankers, and all sorts. It’s really nice, this.

So, what is next after 7.1? I believe that this release will be the last of the major add-on type versions. In Phase 8 I would like to start to address a number of outstanding structural matters. Chief amongst these will be a revision to the weapon properties married to a complete over-haul of armour and Damage Model (DM) factors. It is early days indeed, but work so far shows MUCH promise. Further, I will completely re-create all of the Flight Model (FM) engine classes. It is true that after so many years working on them that I do have some new ideas and methods, so let’s incorporate these changes all together and not piecemeal. A.I. changes will continue to be introduced as we learn how to code them. The Motor class file (quite important) is also finally giving up some secrets, so expect to see improvements there.

One last major problem concerns that of scale. You may have noticed that objects are not always in correct scale compared to one another. This is intollerably stupid, and it affects armour (especially German armour– what a surprise…) greatly (indeed, to the point where we cannot attack tanks because they are too small to see). No longer. I have worked out how to scale all objects in the game, including aircraft. Therefore, everything will be measured and corrected to a master scale in the game, thus ensuring that they are comparatively correct. You will now be able to see (and attack) ground objects, as intended. Naval aircraft will now fit on their carriers properly. And so forth… the scale problem should be fixed.


Any road, I’ll advise when Phase 7.1 is ready for release. Happy flying!

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Phase 7 is Gold


Today  I have posted the P7.0 gold DVD to Oky, so let’s hope it arrives early this week!  I am sure that he will get the 7zip file on his FTP as soon at it arives. I have used 7z format (not zip) this time as it saves space, and was faster to compile. I am sure most (or all) of you have the 7Zip programme, but if not please do obtain that a.s.a.p.

In addition to the ‘bonus’ inclusion of the Whirlwind Mk I, there are improvements to the Caucusus and Smol’ensk maps. Please have a look at those when you’ve got it installed. I hope that all errors reported during our extended testing of the beta will be resolved in 7.0. As usual, there were a few– and be aware that some missions will be affected by the changed class files. KEDSS was included as an R.C. #2. Lastly, I added some new menu music as a bonus.

Remember that you MUST DELETE your existing P7beta MODS folder, totally. Then– and only then– unzip the new folder. The Samples and VPB folders may be extracted by replacing the existing.

So, what is next? P 7.1 is in development. This version will introduce new countries to the game, and replace the existing units and regiments with more suitable / historically authentic ones. I am working on my very long project of Damage Model “calibration”, and if this makes any useful progress it might be included as a beta release in 7.1.

There will new aircraft in P7.1. At the time of writing, these look to be:
He 111 H-20 w/ air-launch V-1
OS2U Kingfisher
Caproni Ca.310, 311
H6K4 ‘Mavis’
Seafire XV, XVII, 45, 47

…And more. Stay tuned…

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What we’re talking about – the Westland Whirlwind

The Whirlwind Project

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Some screenshots from recent coops!


My Wildcat landed with a dead engine after a ramming attack with Enge comming in to land.


If memory serves this screenshot is from our very first Phase 7 coop! A Malta Spitfire mission.



A recent nightfighter mission in the Ju 88G-6 as seen from the cockpit of VPB_Kjetilman’s plane. That Lancaster has just been mortally damaged by Schräge Musik fire and has its inboard starboard wing fuel tank set abalze!



VPB_Kjetilman’s Ju 188 enroute for England!

no way to treat a Spitfire

Our dear! A not so successful Spitfire landing!


VPB_Kjetilman’s personal P-38F skin with spider nose art!

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Cloe encounter between a Norwegian Mosquito and a He 115 – February 6th 1944

Found this today during some research online and I just had to share it. A very dramatic photo, isn’t it!?

The Heinkel He 115 was shot down a few seconds later.




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Phase 7 Beta is Released!

Think the game launch parameters are too strict?… no chance– this is an actual drop!


Hello All,

Today we may announce the release of Phase 7 (beta). At long last! Since this is a beta release, it will have limited distribution to the ‘core’ testing group (Kjetil, Enge, Pet, Oky). My apologies to everyone else; we will send you a DVD of Phase 7.0 immediately that beta testing is done.

An e-mail has been sent regarding the best delivery method (DVD, download), so please respond to that when you can. I hope that we have everyone ready and running on P.7b as soon as possible!

No going back to 6.4 now!  (lol)

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